Free, unlimited, automatic backups of Roam Research into GitHub.

Note about unlimited

If you set up roam-to-git following my old guide, switch to roam2github with these instructions:

Instructions to switch from roam-to-git to Roam2Github

If you already set up roam2github before February 20, 2021, update to unlimited minutes with these instructions:

Roam2Github Update Instructions

If you're starting from scratch, follow below:

<aside> 💡 Screenshots and video of all these steps coming soon eventually



  1. Log into GitHub or create a free account

  2. Create a new, private repository

  3. Add a Personalized Access Token

  4. Create a new, public repository (same steps as #2 above, but select "Public" if you want unlimited minutes. You can call it something like "roam2github-actions")

    This is where the actions will run and save to your private backup repo.

    You can make this private. Just be aware of the 2000-minute monthly limit on the free plan. (My medium-sized graph takes about 3 minutes to run each backup, and runs hourly, so this allotment is not enough.) Usage can be monitored under Billing. You can change the public/private setting at any time.

  5. Add Secrets

  6. Add Actions